Houston! Join Me For Wes Craven’s NEW NIGHTMARE Tonight!

Every Wednesday in April, we've been showing a new NIGHTMARE...and tonight we bring you NEW NIGHTMARE.

Wednesdays in April have been dedicated to A Nightmare on Elm Street at the Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park in Houston, and it's been my extreme pleasure to host a few of these screenings. A Nightmare on Elm Street has always been my favorite slasher franchise, because the very premise lends itself to a creativity that Jason and Michael just don't have. The world of dreams frees NOES, allowing for the most gloriously insane images - and ingenious kills. 

We skipped around a little to squeeze New Nightmare into the lineup, because it's great and it's worth it. It screws with the entire continuity of the franchise in a brilliantly demented way, with Heather Langenkamp portraying herself instead of the luckless Nancy and with the movie world intruding on her reality instead of the dream world. It's a sharp, meta blast and I'm really excited to host it, the final film in our month of Freddy. 

So join me! Tonight at 7:45. Get your tickets here!