Protect The Innocent, Uphold Your Morning Coffee With Robocup

A brilliant mug that will brighten your morning.

I have a lot of mugs. I kind of collect them; it's nice to be able to collect something useful, unlike a lot of the nerdy stuff I have collected in the past that just sat in longboxes or on shelves. I use these mugs, and I get a happy feeling when deciding whether today will be the day I drink out of the mug I bought at the Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit at the California Science Center or the mug shaped like MODOK or the Redrum mug I bought at the Stanley Hotel. Soon I'll be adding another mug to the collection: Robomug.

It turns out Robocop's head is the perfect vessel for coffee, and this ceramic mug will hit all of your morning's prime directives - and only for the sort-of expensive price of $22. 

Click here to buy a Robocup.