TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Gets Basically The Same Trailer Over Again

Now with one second of Shredder and slightly more Turtle-Face!

The totally incongruous Michael Bay tone in a movie about big-ass turtles is the kind of thing I normally go for. Ass-ugly character designs are also a big plus. But I've been burned by this kind of thing before. Three times. And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doesn't even have the natural aid of giant transforming robots on its side.

Whatever this ends up being, we have a new trailer. Like the first trailer, it shows a bunch of stuff, highlights a scene that seems intended to really piledrive home how ugly these turtles are by having one take off his mask, and totally fails to engage me in any way. I already don't remember it.

I guess this movie is for kids and not grown up kids, and I should just not expect it to be worth much. I do enjoy the total disregard to Turtle history with the Shredder stuff, but that's just because all things in life should show a profound disrespect for Turtle history.