WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Trailer Only Hints At The Hilarity

The hilarious vampire mockumentary gets a trailer.

The closing night film at the Stanley Film Festival this year was a movie I saw and loved at Sundance*What We Do In The Shadows. It's a mockumentary about a group of vampires sharing an apartment in New Zealand and it is brilliant. It's not just blood-drainingly funny, the vampire characters are all so wonderful and nuanced that you will walk out of the film wanting to watch hours and hours more of them. The movie also creates a rich and fun universe that manages to touch on most aspects of vampire lore - no matter how varied! - while also bringing in werewolves, zombies and witches. 

At Stanley Jemaine Clement, who plays Vladislav, Skyped into Colorado in character; I hope that the rest of the film's promotion includes plenty of fun in-character stuff. As of now it doesn't have a distributor in the US (as far as I know. Let me know if I'm wrong). 

* Rereading my review I see that I was right - it grows on you, especially with repeat viewings. What I found to amiable in January is now one of my favorite films of the year so far.