Tim Blake Nelson In Talks To Be Mole Man In FANTASTIC FOUR

But Mole Man before he becomes Mole Man.

In The incredible Hulk Tim Blake Nelson played Samuel Sterns, a scientist who eventually becomes the villain known as The Leader... but not in that movie (or at all, yet, despite his head getting weird at the end of the film). Now he's doing that same schtick in Fantastic Four, where he'll be playing Harvey Elder, who in the comics is Mole Man. But Nelson will be Elder before he becomes Mole Man, with the character intended to show up in future films. 

It's not clear if his version of proto-Mole Man is a bad guy yet or if he's helping Reed Richards against main villain Doctor Doom or if he's just a scientist in the film who is studying the newly-created Fantastic Four or what. I'm kind of bummed he's not Mole Man in this movie; after all, Mole Man was the first villain the FF fought in the comics and he's never been on screen. We've already seen Doom. He's old hat. Save him for Fantastic Four 2, like they did with the Joker in the Nolan Batman films. Give us giant monsters and Moloids in the first movie! Make it totally fucking weird!

Of course it's too late for that. Hopefully there will be some sort of Moloid presence in the film. And hopefully Nelson wears big stupid glasses.