Badass Giveaway: Win The Cool Retro Poster For New Slasher STAGE FRIGHT!

Starring Meat Loaf, so yes, this is BC's mecca.

In my house, slashers are to horror as Meat Loaf is to music - they represent the best of their worlds as far as I'm concerned, and while I love variety I would probably be OK if the only kind of horror films I could watch for the rest of my life involved guys in masks knocking off a bunch of folks before being revealed and getting killed by the heroine. It just calms me.

Thus, few movies have excited me as much as Stage Fright, as it is, wait for it... a slasher movie starring Meat Loaf! Actually a slasher MUSICAL, as it is peppered with musical numbers in between the (surprisingly gory) murders committed by the film's insane Kabuki killer, who is dicing up the residents of a camp devoted to putting on stage shows. It comes from the warped mind of Jerome Sable, who gave us the incredible short film The Legend of Beaver Dam (watch it HERE if you haven't yet), and I couldn't be happier to see him applying this particular brand of horror to a full feature. Having Meat Loaf on board (and yes, he sings) was just icing on the cake for me - an original slasher film with a killer who has more than a big coat to hide his identity excited me enough.

So I am stoked to offer you this Badass Digest premiere of the retro style alternate poster for the film, which hits theaters on May 9th (it's also on iTunes and VOD right now, if that's your bag) courtesy of Magnet Releasing. I quite like this design; it recalls Curtains' artwork, which is inspired, and wouldn't look out of place if slapped on a VHS box and placed on the shelf alongside the early '80s movies I love so very much. The fold lines are a brilliant touch, I must say.

But the original poster is pretty swell as well, and if you'd like to have one for yourself, you're in luck! Just shoot an email with STAGE FRIGHT POSTER in the subject line to [email protected] with your name, mailing address and the title of your favorite Meat Loaf song (and if you make a joke about what "That" is, you're disqualified!). Winners will be notified on May 9th, when you'll hopefully be out seeing the film if it's playing in your area. Good luck!

This contest closes Monday, May 5.