Mothra Could Show Up In GODZILLA 2

Keep your eyes peeled for an Easter Egg in the new GODZILLA movie.

Yesterday Gareth Edwards and Thomas Tull did a Q&A for Los Angeles press following a screening of the new Godzilla. I'm embargoed from giving you any impressions of the film but I can tell you about the question I asked. 

In the film there's a shot of a terrarium Aaron Taylor-Johnston had as a kid; written on masking tape on the side of the terrarium is "Mothra." It's a cute in-joke! But is it more? I asked Tull if we could see Mothra, Baragon, Rodan or any of the other Toho monsters show up in a future Godzilla film. He wouldn't really answer, saying that they have a rule at Legendary that there's no discussion of sequels until the day after the first movie opens. But he would admit: "We're passionate fans of the universe," meaning all the great Toho monsters. 

I wish I could tell you more, but I'm strictly embargoed. I will tell you that Gareth Edwards summed the movie up himself nicely in the Q&A: he wanted to make a monster movie that didn't use the terrorism imagery that has become so common in blockbuster spectacles over the last ten years, and that he looked at Jurassic Park and Jaws as the examples of how to keep the main monster fresh throughout the film's runtime.

My embargo is up May 11!th. Stay tuned.