New Stephen King Short Story BAD LITTLE KID Will Be Made Into A Movie

He writes something: they make a movie. That's how this thing goes.

In March, Stephen King released an ebook short story titled Bad Little Kid (or Sal Gosse or Böser kleiner Junge) specifically for his German and French fans as a thank you for their hospitality when he visited Europe in November. It's a cool idea, but because I am not a German or French person, I have not read this short story and can't comment on it intelligently. 

But I bet it's good! And now it's going to be a movie, because Stephen King wrote a thing and when he writes things, they become movies. It was optioned by producer Laurent Bouzereau, who also intends to direct. Bouzereau has directed and produced hundreds and hundreds - literally hundreds! - of documentaries about movies, including 2011's A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen King and three shorts about Pet Sematary

About Bad Little Kid:

The supernatural story centers on a man whose life changes forever when he realizes that a mysterious boy is causing the deaths of people he loves.

Sounds cool. I dig tales about little terrors.