New TERMINATOR Trilogy Wrangles A Time Lord To Help Keep Shit Straight

Matt Smith joins the fray.

This new Terminator thing is going to be interesting. From its concept up, we're going to have to really stretch our ability to take in time travel paradoxes and alternate timelines to understand the plot. So maybe a friendly time lord can help.

Deadline reports that Matt Smith, most famously and most alwaysly known as "The Doctor Who with the strange face that I am attracted to for some reason," has joined the cast of not just this first new Terminator movie, but the following two as well. In fact, his role is expected to expand greatly in parts two and three when stuff gets really crazy.

That's all we know for now. But it's certainly interesting news. I like Matt Smith a lot and can't wait to see him in non-Who acting roles. Something tells me he has a real gritty streak. How that translates into the Terminator world remains a mystery, but I'm open to the experience. Any experience. I cannot stress that enough.