Friendly Reminder: FX’s LOUIE Returns Tonight

Rejoice: after a lengthy break, Louis CK's brilliant comedy is back.

It's been roughly twenty months since we last saw a new episode of FX's Louie. Let's consider that for a moment. In the time since Louie's third season finale aired, a President was re-elected, two Fantastic Fests came and went*, Disney bought (and resurrected) the Star Wars franchise, we lost James Gandolfini, we gained True Detective and we sat in stunned disappointment through the first two-thirds of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy. Twenty months, guys. That's the same amount of time it took Marvel to produce three worthy follow-ups to The Avengers (and for Sony to produce and release two enormously tedious Spider-Man movies).

Good news is, the wait is over: Louis CK's brilliant, award-winning tragicomedy is back as of tonight. The better news: FX will be airing Louie in hour-long blocks this season, with new back-to-back episodes airing every Monday night. The best news? Early word indicates that the show is just as topical, cutting and painfully hilarious as it's always been. Here are a few more promos to tide you over until tonight:

Yup, that's Charles Grodin playing Louie's doctor in the last clip, continuing the show's long-standing tradition of awesome guest stars (let us all pause for a moment to remember how amazing David Lynch was during season three's "Late Show" arc). This new season will also feature appearances from Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Burstyn, Sarah Baker and Sarah Silverman. We can't wait. How about you guys?

* = Technically speaking, Louie's third season finale aired the same night that Fantastic Fest 2012 came to a close, but let's not get hung up on such minutiae.