Max Landis-Scripted MR. RIGHT Gets Some Must-See Actors

It's hard to say no to Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick.

How much do you love Sam Rockwell? How much do you love Anna Kendrick? How desperate are you to see them fall in love on screen? Mr. Right will answer all these questions.

Mr. Right is a Max Landis script that will be directed by Tokarev's Paco Cabezas (just pretend to know what Tokarev is). The plot synopsis, taken from Deadline, sounds like the kind of thing we've seen a million times before. Check this out:

Kendrick will play a woman whose bad luck streak at finding lasting love seems to end when she meets Mr. Right. That's until she discovers he is a reformed hit man. When his dark past catches up, their fledgling relationship is tested as they try to save one another.

A plot like that desperately needs good actors who can share a lot of chemistry. Since Rockwell and Kendrick have tons of chemistry all by themselves, it stands to reason that they will also have it while smooching each other and running from Dan Aykroyd or whoever they get to play the bad assassin. Maybe this film will be okay despite itself. Enjoy this dose of hard-won Monday morning optimism.