Badass Exclusive! See The Music Video For Numbers And Letters’ “Tell Me”

Great song, great video.

BAD pal and HitFix Executive Managing Editor Katie Hasty is also the singer/songwriter for Numbers and Letters, "the Americana band from Brooklyn" that's now regrouping in L.A. Last April Numbers and Letters released an album called Guns Under Water, and today I'm super excited to debut the first music video off that album (indeed, Numbers and Letters' first music video ever) for the song "Tell Me."

The video's weird and gorgeous, directed by award-winner filmmaker Peter Szewczyk, who's done VFX work on Star WarsHarry PotterThor: The Dark World, Avatar and plenty more. He directed the video with the help of SlashFilm's Russ Fischer, who worked as production coordinator. On making the video, Szewczyk said,

Since my background is in cinematography, I was looking forward to getting behind the camera again, and the Mojave desert provided an unprecedented canvas to shoot against. The whole video cost about $600 to make, since all we really paid for was food, transport, and a lens hire. The crew was so small that they all fit into a Prius.

On the concept, Hasty added, 

I think there's a tendency with folky, Americana artists to go a very earnest and dusty, literal direction with music videos. I just liked sending this dum-dum into the wilderness for a very sincere journey, who comes to 'worship' an entity that wants nothing to do with him. I can do my serious face some other time.

So check it out! It's a fun three minutes. Numbers and Letters will release a new song, titled "Sad Ocean Song," next month, so be on the lookout for that, too!