First INTERSTELLAR Poster Soars Skyward

But it has kind of a bummer of a tagline.

One of the movies I am anticipating the most this year isĀ Interstellar; I love the look of what we've seen and I love the basic plot elements we've learned. The first trailer actually made me tear up. Now there's a new poster for the film, and it's very lovely and captures some of that inspirational feeling I got from the trailer. I love it!

That said the tagline is sort of a bummer. I maybe would have gone more positive with it? "Mankind was born on Earth, but will thrive out there," maybe? I don't know, maybe it's just because I've become so depressed about the inevitability of human society being completely disrupted by climate change (a huge point of this movie) that I'm predisposed to see the darkest part of the implication we're all gonna die here.