Gaspar Noe Wants To Give You A Hard-On, Make You Cry

A new Noe film is coming!

Wild Bunch is on fire today! In one press release they announced a new Verhoeven film, a sequel to Spring Breakers, a remake of Maniac Cop (article coming as of publication!) and also a new film from Gaspar Noe. 

Noe, one of the best filmmakers alive today, hasn't made a solo feature since 2009, when Enter the Void was released. An absolute masterpiece, Enter the Void seared itself into our minds and left us waiting for what this visionary had next. It turns out he has a sex movie next, and it's called Love.

Wild Bunch will be selling Love at Cannes, and they describe it as “a sexual melodrama about a boy and a girl and another girl”. Says co-chief Vincent  Maraval:

“It’s a love story, which celebrates sex in a joyous way. Gaspard feels that most films that touch on sex in traditional cinema are dark and dramatic, this will be really joyous… He says it’s a film that will give guys ‘a hard-on and make girls cry’.”

A joyous Noe film? I'll take it. They can't all be Irreversible. The English-language film will shoot in Paris this June. Perhaps a Cannes 2015 debut?