Goddammit, Melissa McCarthy, Cut This Shit Out: The TAMMY Trailer

The actress destroys what little remains of our goodwill with her newest film.

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As a passionate Gilmore Girls fan (and reviewer), I think I've shown Melissa McCarthy more patience than most. Her Sookie St. James is so adorable and hilarious, a completely singular character so unlike the demented truck drivers she plays of late. I mean, look at this: 

None of the humor in that scene stems from her body or her hygiene or her foul mouth. She's funny because she's funny, not because she's gross. I miss Sookie, and I'll always have affection for Melissa McCarthy for giving us seven years of this wonderful, winning character. 

But with Tammy, my faith in her future endeavors is officially depleted. I really liked The Heat and Bridesmaids, and I think she's very funny in those movies (and I like that Hidden Valley Ranch skit as much as the next guy), but the popularity of those performances is responsible for the cementing of her shtick. And I am SO TIRED of this shtick. I mean, half of this trailer is devoted to Melissa McCarthy dancing around in a stained sweatshirt with a literal bag over her head - to "Gangsta's Paradise," of all fucking things. Susan Sarandon, here's a tip: you are too good to play the wacky grandma in this movie. Also, that bee gag is lifted directly from Tommy Boy. (On purpose? It is a road trip movie. Tammy sounds like Tommy, and Melissa McCarthy's giving her best Farley when she can't leap over that counter.)

Tammy is written and directed by McCarthy's husband and frequent co-star Ben Falcone, and that bums me out more than anything else. Here's an opportunity for the two to create a totally new project for McCarthy, one that doesn't rely on bodily function and weight humor and allows her to be herself - McCarthy is quite charming in person, much closer to Sookie than Tammy. Maybe these days it's impossible to get a film greenlit for McCarthy unless she's doing the toilet trucker thing, but that's her own damn fault. She's allowed herself to get typecast in the worst way, and Tammy is the nail in that coffin.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I laughed at the Armstrong joke.)