22 JUMP STREET International Trailer Is More Of The Same And It Knows It

Self-aware jokes!

"This happened because you weren't doing the same undercover student thing you did the first time. Do the same thing. Everyone's happy."

I get it!

Everyone's back for 22 Jump Street, including (most importantly) directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and screenwriter Michael Bacall. It's certainly promising to know the creative team is returning from the hilarious first film, and I am almost entirely convinced this is going to be one of those comedy sequels we list when we're talking about pretty good comedy sequels. That may seem like I'm damning the endeavor with faint praise, but considering the entire field of comedy sequels is such a bleak wasteland of suck, I'm feeling pretty encouraged that 22 Jump Street may break the mold.

I'm especially excited to see Workaholics' Jillian Bell join the fray, because I completely love her (although I will miss Brie Larson). Most of the other big names from 21 Jump Street's cast are coming back, and I laughed several times during this trailer. That's as much as I need to maintain anticipation.

I think a moderate level of self-awareness, shown here, may help move the film in the right direction, so long as the entire thing isn't one big wink and a nudge. But honestly, at this point, we have exactly zero reason not to trust Lord and Miller. So let's trust them!