MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Reboot Imminent! Clutch That Nostalgia, Ex-Kids!

Rita Repulsa, why are we not married yet, you minx?

Of course they are making a big Power Rangers reboot movie. Of course, they are. Why didn't they do this sooner? I'm disappointed in Hollywood on two levels here.

For those who don't know, the Might Morphin Power Rangers are a group of clean-cut, overly expressive youngsters who can turn into helmeted fighters whenever the need arises, usually because some bad guy shows up but also for synchronized dancing competitions. Whenever they are about to defeat an opponent, that opponent magically grows huge, at which point the Power Rangers combine into a giant robot Power Ranger.

This is what the show was like when I watched it almost twenty years ago, anyway. It appears to have have changed many, many times since then, but I have a feeling this live action movie will probably stick to the basics, though hopefully it will add a shitload of dark grittiness to the basics. Because otherwise The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would be a kids movie. Fuck that.

Saban has partnered with Lionsgate to make this happen. As far as I can tell from the super long press release that I don't want to read, no talent is attached yet, so we don't know which way to roll our eyes at the moment. But get ready! And remember the Power Ranger motto: "With great power comes great ranger-ability!"