Apes Together Strong: The DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Trailer

...is AMAZING.

I'm sure Devin will have lots to say about this new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer, especially in light of the footage he saw at CinemaCon, but it's early where he is and you guys need this in front of your faces IMMEDIATELY.

Man, this thing is stirring. We open on Caesar and his brethren living in a beautiful, peaceful Ape Xanadu, expanding their brood and dedicating themselves to "Home, Family, Future." They're taking care of each other and creating a real society - writing laws on the walls of the forest (Ape Not Kill Ape) and leaving the human world alone. It's a little corner of utopia for these apes who have been through so much mistreatment at the hands of humans, and who deserve to be left in peace now.

And then stupid Charlie Francis has to show up with his gun and his misplaced blame and ruin everything. 

As with Rise of the Planet of the Apes (and indeed, as with Planet of the Apes from the get-go), Dawn looks to be so completely focused on story and character. Caesar is a far more fascinating military leader because he has a history with his enemy: he was raised by a human, a human he loves. I'm glad the James Franco cameo wasn't meant to be a surprise, because the flash of Caesar's old attic window and the video of Will Rodman teaching Caesar the words he now uses to lead an army add so much depth to this conflict. We see that Caesar doesn't want war - we see him holding back an angry ape at the first sign of humans, we see him bonding with Keri Russell and Jason Clark's characters - but, thanks to these idiot humans who think they can win, "war has already begun." 

Idiots! That moment when Caesar is leaning forward on his horse, flying through the forest with assault rifle in hand - is this really the enemy you want? You want to be on the opposite side of that guy? Then you'll get what you deserve. 

Matt Reeves' Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hits screens July 11. I have every expectation that it will be awesome.