Will The Internet Melt Down? Sue Storm’s Black Dad Cast In FANTASTIC FOUR

Oh you thought that maybe Johnny would be the adopted one? BTW, they've added another good actor.

Racist nerds have been up in arms about the casting of the great Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, wondering how he could be the brother of white girl Kate Mara. Could it be adoption? Maybe - and if so, it turns out Sue is the adopted one. See, they've cast Dr. Storm, Sue and Johnny's dad, and he's The Wire vet Reg E. Cathey. 

You knew him as Norman Wilson, Carcetti's aide in The Wire seasons four and five. He's Franklin Storm in the movie, and this version is a scientist - which means we're straight up getting the Ultimate Fantastic Four (in case you had any doubt previously, by the way). In mainstream 616-Marvel Universe Dr. Storm is a physician, but in the Ultimate universe he's a doctor who is involved in the science project that creates the Fantastic Four. He also fires Harvey Elder from the program, leading to him becoming Mole Man. 

I'm guessing that this will be upsetting to racist nerds. I don't really know why, but I just feel like it will be. I think they could handle the Storm family being white and adopting a black son, but making all the Storms black? I actually hope that nobody ever addresses the skin color of the characters at all. And I'm glad they're casting strong actors; I like the cast of this movie a lot (still waiting to be sold on Jamie Bell, frankly), and Cathey is a strong choice.