NBC continues to sell shirts saying #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.

"We'll definitely be back next year. If not, it'll be because an asteroid has destroyed all human civilization. And that's canon."

In a move that we expected to happen in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, NBC has actually gone and done it: Community has been canceled. In some ways it's not much of a surprise; the network has been rebounding in the ratings thanks to The Blacklist and its two Chicago shows, plus a number of one-off specials (Sound of Music in particular) that boosted its overall standings. But Community - until an hour ago, tied for the 3rd longest running scripted show currently on the network - didn't really get a ratings boost in this 5th season, despite hope that it would thanks to the return of Dan Harmon. It actually dropped a decimal point in the all-important 18-49 demo (while increasing overall viewers, oddly enough), so what used to be "good enough" was now seen as a weak spot on the schedule. So with the network reducing its number of comedies after a string of failures with the format (About A Boy, which is a "dramedy", is only the second NBC sitcom to earn a 2nd season since... well, Community), there just wasn't really any room for it going forward.

But business stuff aside, perhaps they actually recognized that the show might never reach the creative highs it once did. Two of its cast members had left, and while Jonathan Banks did a decent enough job filling the "old man" slot vacated by Chevy Chase (whose character was killed off, unlike Donald Glover who could have conceivably returned if he ever got his head out of his ass), Banks wouldn't have been returning anyway - he's a regular on Better Call Saul. John Oliver would also likely be unavailable to pinch hit, and with every season having to deal with a heavy turnover in the writer's staff, any 6th season we got would have been whittled down even further from the perfect mix it once was.

Plus, we can't really complain about the show's demise from a storytelling standpoint; "Six Seasons..." mantra aside, we haven't been left hanging on anything except for Troy, but since it's not like Glover has been interested in the show for years anyway I doubt that'd get satisfyingly resolved even if they went for 12 seasons. Jeff got his law degree, the school had been saved (twice), and the show never seemed to be much interested in pairing any of its central characters off romantically for more than a few episodes. Hell they even explained why the Dean had a wedding ring in the pilot episode. We technically got THREE series finales (of its 5 season finales, 3 were written to double as series finales should it come to that), which is three more than most canceled shows get.

So while it's a bummer that we'll never hear another "Shut up, Leonard!" or "You're the worst" again, we should celebrate that we got 97 episodes of a show that wouldn't have gotten to 30 under any other circumstances, and live with the comfort of knowing that none of its talented cast or crew will be out of a job for more than a few hours. And that's if Hulu or Netflix doesn't come in to save the day (NBC canceled the show, but Sony is the one who owns it - they can take it elsewhere and according to EW have already started this process), which is still a possibility. But if this is truly the end, I for one won't be too sad - at the end of the day, we got five seasons of something pretty special.

Also sperm.