James Franco’s CHILD OF GOD Gets A Release Date

Do you care? Well you should!

Maybe James Franco can be a bit obnoxious at times. I only say 'maybe' because so many have that opinion of him. I, on the other hand, am fully on the Franco train. That's not just because I think he's charming or because I like the way his eyeballs disappear when he smiles. It's mostly because I seriously enjoyed his adaptation of As I Lay Dying.

So I'm happy to hear that his other really weird adaptation, Cormac McCarthy's backwoods horror novel Child of God, is actually going to come out. I missed a chance to see the film last year and have been kicking myself ever since. Now it looks like Well Go USA, which sounds like the name of a bank, will put out the film theatrically in North America starting August 1 followed by a VOD and home video release on October 28.

Devin has seen the film and told me all kinds of crazy things about it, most of which lined up with the truly insane novel, which is so bleak and grotesque that it has to be a comedy. I'm not saying Franco's the only guy who could make a watchable film out of it, but his bravery/arrogance worked for one strange book already, so I have faith he can pull it off again.