Michael Dougherty’s KRAMPUS Could Be The Anti-ANTI-KLAUS

People are mighty distrustful of Santa all the sudden.

So, if you even remember this, there was some recent news regarding Kevin Smith making a Christmas-themed horror film called Anti-Klaus. It was originally called Comes the Krampus.

Now it looks like this Krampus movie is also going to get made. We are going to have dueling Christmas horror films. And while one is going to be somewhat directed by Kevin Smith, the other will have none other than Trick 'R Treat's Michael Dougherty calling the shots. This is about as clear cut as good vs evil gets in the real world.

Deadline broke the report, claiming that Dougherty has already been hired by Legendary to make this happen and promising that it will match the same tone as Trick 'R Treat. That's about all we know now, but it has me more excited than I ever thought I could be about a movie with the works Krampus in the title.