Watch Godzilla Take On The Navy In This Clip

It actually gives you a good sense of what to expect from the film!

I am embargoed on Godzilla! I was hoping that with the film premiering last night that embargo would collapse, but it holds yet - until tomorrow, at least. So I'm stuck sharing this clip without really saying too much.

What I feel comfortable saying (because director Gareth Evans has said it in Q&As) is that this clip really represents a lot of what you should expect from Godzilla. Evans has made a movie that escalates the main monster, so he doesn't blow his load in the first fight scene. It's a risky - and I think smart - decision that helps the film avoid the feeling of numbness we get from too many over-spectacular movies (see Drew McWeeny's thoughts on filmgoing in the age of 'casual magic.').

I also like how this clip gets across humanity's complex relationship with Godzilla! I can't wait to run my actual review and hear what you guys have to say about this unique blockbuster.