COMMUNITY Trivia Is NOT Canceled

Join BC for some Greendale trivia!

Last year, the awesome Jumpcut Cafe began hosting a monthly horror trivia game (which I wrote about a while back), and its success led to Badass Trivia, hosted by our own Devin Faraci. We had our second game last week (grats to team Keep The Change You Filthy Animals!), and if any of you reading this competed, you probably hate me for my Caddyshack II round (top score: 4 right out of 8 - a couple of teams had a zero). I didn't think it'd be THAT hard, but if you're a Community fan, I assure you that my own game, "Community: Intro To Cafe Trivia" will be much less punishing - only haters of the show would have a tough time, and they wouldn't be there anyway!

On Wednesday, May 28th, at 8pm, I'll be hosting eight rounds of trivia based on our newly departed favorite show - spanning all 97 episodes (yes, even the ones that happened during the gas leak year). It's not too "inside"; nearly every question's answer is contained within the episodes themselves, or general questions about the actors on the show (i.e. "Who plays Leonard?" or "Joel McHale appeared in the fourth entry in what Robert Rodriguez franchise?" - not actual questions*, but along those lines). You'll be competing for some DVDs and Blu-rays, and also the honor of knowing you're the most knowledgeable Community fan in Los Angeles! It looks great on a resume, I assume.

There's no registration fee, but we would like you to sign up in advance so we can get an idea of how many folks will be playing. To sign up, just head over to the Facebook Event page, RSVP, and leave a comment with your team name/number of players (2 minimum, 4 max) on the pinned post you'll see at the top. If you don't have Facebook, no worries - just post the info here in the comment section below (using a non-anonymous account so I can contact you if necessary). In the event that it fills up (we can accommodate 12-15 teams depending on how many players are on each), it'll be first come first serve by the time you signed up here or on Facebook, so if you want to play, RSVP as soon as you can to ensure your spot! The game will start at 8pm, but we invite all players to come early for food and drink; the Jumpcut has a variety of sandwiches and salads (and, off menu but delicious, a chicken quesedilla), plus all the usual hot/cold cafe drinks you can expect. Your patronage is what helps fun events like this keep happening, so we thank you in advance for coming hungry/thirsty! You should also "like" their Facebook page to keep updated on all of their other events (free movie screenings, open mics, board game nights, etc).

Unlike horror and Badass trivia, this one won't be monthly - I'm having a baby next month (!!!) so my nights out will be few and far between for a while. BUT, if the event is a success and folks enjoy it, I'll do my best to have another in October the night before CommuniCon 3 starts, so that people traveling into Los Angeles for the convention can compete, and this night's winners (who will automatically get registered for any future game) can defend their title against new challengers! Good luck, and see you on May 28th!

*Richard Erdman, and Joel was in Spy Kids 4. I still haven't seen it.