Trailer For Time Machine Doc HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE

Two men, two time machines.

How to Build a Time Machine - Teaser from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

Jay Cheel, director of the wonderful documentary Beauty Day, is back with How to Build A Time Machine, a doc whose crowd-funding campaign we told you about. Things seem to have changed for the doc since then; what began as a film about John Titor, a supposed time traveler from the future who shared future history with the internet at the beginning of the century, has morphed into something else. Now the doc follows two men building time machines - one a replica and the other the real thing. One man wants to make a Victorian era time machine, while the other wants to go back and save his father. 

I'm really interested in seeing what Cheel has come up with, and I'm curious if Titor has any role to play in the film at all.