Wedge Antilles To STAR WARS EPISODE VII: Drop Dead

They wanted him back but the actor refused.

I fully expect Star Wars Episode VII to just trot out returning characters and references in the blunt style of your average Family Guy episode, a parade of nostalgic callbacks that will drive the lowest common denominators in the audience crazy. One callback that won't happen? An appearance by Rebellion star pilot Wedge Antilles, who participated in both Death Star battles as well as the rout at Hoth, was floated by actor Dennis Lawson, who turned it down. 

“They asked me but it just would have bored me," he said at a screening of his new film The Machine

Lawson had previously said he would return if the role of Wedge was beefed up; he's clearly been influenced by the weird cult of Wedge that sprung up, leading to the character headlining his own novels and comics and stuff. His comments make it seem like Wedge would probably have just been a cameo as opposed to a fully fleshed out role. 

It's for the best - why the hell do we want every single character to show up again this time around? Anyone bemoaning the lack of a Wedge Antilles - a cute background character - loses the right to make 'small universe' complaints.