Ben Affleck’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS-Inspired Batsuit Revealed

Your first look at the new Batman!

Zack Snyder tweeted a picture of Ben Affleck in the new Batsuit, and it's pretty cool. 

The new suit looks, to me, to be hugely inspired by The Dark Knight Returns:

 With the black & white photo it's hard to tell the coloring of the suit exactly, but it looks greyish to me. The small ears are very cool as well. The Batmobile, also revealed, has a cool classic design, bringing it back to a hot rod look. Which is not The Dark Knight Returns look, as that comic introduced a tank version of the Batmobile that Christopher Nolan glommed onto for his films.

What do you think? I wish the first pic of Batman didn't have him in that boring looking down, I'm so sad position, and I wish that the Batsymbol was more clearly a different color than the suit - they're so embarrassed of the Batsymbol these days - but otherwise I quite like what I see.

I played with the contrast and got this look at the suit - I love the chunky utility belt.

And look! He has great spikes on the gloves. But that utility belt is the best, in my opinion:

Thanks to Scott Wampler for these clearer looks: