Noomi Rapace To Be Brilliant Alongside Will Smith In BRILLIANCE

Luckily they are both actors.

Have you heard of Brilliance yet? It's a soon-to-be movie about a world where one in a hundred people are X-Men. But like, boring X-Men who are really good at figuring out puzzles instead of running really fast or catching things with their tongues. If I understand correctly, the "brilliant" people in Brilliance are far more John Travolta from Phenomenon than Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.

Anyway, the main "brilliant" person will be played by Will Smith. He's some kind of federal agent whose gift makes him really good at hunting down terrorists. And now The Hollywood Reporter tells us Noomi Rapace will play another "brilliant" person - this one's gift makes her really good at being a terrorist. I guess they will have to out-brilliant each other.

Brilliance will be based on a novel (also called Brilliance, which means it totally reviews itself) by Marcus Sakey. It's going to be a trilogy, so if the film is good, we'll have two more to anticipate. If the film is bad, we'll probably also have two more to anticipate. Julius Onah will direct from a David Koepp script, with hopes to start shooting in August.