Paramount Hires Guy With No Directing Experience For STAR TREK 3

That's the sound of a franchise being flushed down the toilet.

I was trying to be positive about it but now that it's official - now that Roberto Orci is actually directing Star Trek 3 - I can't keep up that facade. 

The whole thing is crazy. This is a major tentpole franchise for the studio and they're giving it to a guy who has zero directing experience. Orci worked on a number of TV shows - FringeXena, Jack of All TradesSleepy Hollow, Hawaii Five-O - but never directed a moment of one of them. As far as I know he has never even directed a commercial or a music video. And yet he's going to be directing a major film release that will cost at least $150 million dollars. 

The mind boggles. 

I've already told you what I heard, that Orci cock-blocked every director who came in for meetings on the project, making it look like anyone who helmed would be his dancing monkey. Who wants that when you already have pressure from the fans and the studio? Orci made a power move to guarantee his ass in the director's chair despite a huge lack of experience. How did Paramount allow this to happen? Skydance and Bad Robot - the production companies - were both behind Orci. What do they know? Is there going to be a ghost director?

This is madness, I say. This is Star Trek, Bob Orci cries, before he kicks me into the hole that was the footprint of WTC Building 7.