Check Out This Super Enticing Trailer And Poster For V/H/S VIRAL

Lots of cuts, lots of noise, and lots of scary shit going down.

I don't know why, but I didn't think V/H/S Viral was this far along already. But it totally is. Not only do we have this snazzy trailer and snazzier poster (seen below), but according to The Wrap the film has already been purchased by Magnolia Pictures to be released under their Magnet banner.

A good chunk of this trailer revisits past glories from the first two V/H/S films. Once it gets into new footage, however, it basically throws a ton of intriguing stuff at you, making you eager to see it if only to appease your curiosity. What's with the glowy-face guy? How does that lady get sucked into a chair? Why can't we all just get along? Stuff like that.

I like the V/H/S series. Even when elements don't work, they almost all seek some new and novel way to approach found footage horror. I doubt V/H/S Viral has anything as singular and amazing as part two's "Safe Haven" going down, but that hardly counts against it. That "Safe Haven" is on a total level altogether. Nevertheless, I love the potential here and can't wait to see this.