Jeremy Irons And Sienna Miller Movie Into Ben Wheatley’s HIGH RISE

The rent is just too good to pass up.

It's always nice to hear anything regarding whatever Ben Wheatley is up to, especially when that project is an adaptation of J.G. Ballard's High Rise, a story in which residents of a high tech apartment complex that shields them from the outside world resort to tons and tons of violence because why not. That plot sounds pretty terrifying, and Wheatley tends to scare the shit out of me in general, so this looks like a movie worth paying attention to.

We already know Tom HIddleston will star in the film, but today Screen Daily reports that it can now also boast appearances from both Jeremy Irons and Sierra Miller. Irons will play "visionary architect" Anthony Royal, while Miller will play his "devoted aide" Charlotte. This is particularly exciting casting because Jeremy Irons will be in anything and I have no idea who Sierra Miller is.

Still, I'm glad this continues to move forward as it really is a movie I'm excited to see. Hopefully it doesn't frighten me too bad. But it will. That's just the Wheatley way.