The Existence Of This GALAVANT Trailer Is Proof That Someone Loves Me Very, Very Much

What else can explain it?

I am completely stymied by this Galavant show coming to ABC in the fall. How does it exist? How is this a thing that's being greenlit? It looks weird and expensive, a combo rarely rewarded on network television, and I want it now. Right now. 

Galavant is a medieval epic/musical comedy (!) featuring tunes from the great Alan Menken, who only happens to be the dude responsible for the soundtracks to all of the best Disney movies of the '90s. It stars the wonderful Timothy Omundson as a dashingly villainous king of whom I am already completely enamored, and also Vinnie Jones is in it. I'm unfamiliar with the guy playing Galavant, Joshua Sasse, but I'm not minding him here, and both of the female leads - Karen David's Isabella and Mallory Jansen's Madalena - seem winning, as well. 

Here are some things I love: Princess Bride. Monty Python. Game of ThronesRobin Hood: Men in Tights. Disney movies from the '90s. 

And while I'm fully aware that Galavant is likely to have more in common with ABC's Once Upon A Time than any of those things, there's enough happening in this trailer to delight me and utterly secure my viewership in the fall. The series will be directed by TV vet Chris Koch, who's worked on shows like WorkaholicsScrubsCougar TownModern Family and The Neighbors, and it's written by Dan Fogelman, The Neighbors' creator. Fogelman is also behind the surprisingly good Crazy, Stupid, Love and, more importantly, he wrote Disney's Tangled, a really great throwback to those Menken films of my childhood. (Menken also wrote the terrific songs in Tangled). 

I am sold. Bought and sold and sold again. I'm sure some of you out there think I'm nuts to be so excited about this particular series, so speak up in the comments.