THE RAID’s Yayan Ruhian Joins Takashi Miike’s Vampire Yakuza Film

It also has one of the best movie titles ever.

Maybe you already know about this, but Takashi Miike is making a big return to the horror genre with a vampire Yakuza film called, and let's build up to this with a drumroll… Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld. Man, with a movie title like that, you almost don't even need the actual movie.

If that wasn't exciting enough, Screen Daily reports that the film will feature Indonesian living weapon Yayan Ruhian. He will play opposite star Hayato Ichihara, which in Japanese means he's the #1 Hara. I think.

Anyone who saw The Raid knows Ruhian can kick ass. Anyone who saw The Raid 2 knows he can also act. So this is great news for what sounds like a great project. You never know what you're going to get with Miike, but this is the most excited I've been for one of his films in a while. Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld is expected to come out in 2015.