Kind Of Lame CINDERELLA Teaser Shows Off Some Famous Footwear

And NOTHING else.

We've all been watching movies for a while now and should be grown up enough to expect and understand that a teaser for a film almost a year away is going to be shy when it comes to actual footage. But it never ceases to bug me. Today proves that this is true even when it comes to movies I do not care about.

Kenneth Branagh's live action Cinderella adaptation comes out March 2015. It stars Lily James from a show which I believe goes by the title Downtown Cabbie. The prince is played by Richard Madden from Game of Thrones. I watch that show and don't even know who that is.

Nevertheless, I'm sure there are people out there who are excited for this movie. I pity them today. Their big film has revealed both a teaser and a poster to catch their eye. The teaser is basically a shoe. The poster is also a shoe. It's a really pretty shoe. But it also looks like one step would shatter it all into your foot, fucking up those arches big time.

My fingers remain crossed that Branagh will give this movie some of that old school fairy tale violence, but I doubt that's possible.