Universal is Releasing MASS EFFECT In 2016. Or Maybe NAMOR. Or Maybe HOT WHEELS. Or Maybe…

A vague title has stirred up the internet speculation.

Universal has staked claim to a weekend in 2016 with something simply called Universal/Legendary Untitled 2016 Event Project. It comes from their deal with Legendary, who moved over from Warner Bros with all their money and their geek-friendly attitudes. Nobody knows what the movie is, but The Hollywood Reporter says it's "new and not a sequel or remake, though it may be based on underlying intellectual property."

Which is super meaningless, but didn't stop outlets from immediately running wild with speculation! First out the gate: the long-awaited adaptation of the video game Mass Effect. That would make two huge video game movies for Universal in 2016, with Warcraft opening early in the year. I'd be interested in seeing what a Mass Effect movie looks like, to be honest, and I'm always excited for more space stuff.

Meanwhile Latino Review thinks it could be Namor: The Sub-Mariner, the only Marvel property that Universal is sitting on. That seems sort of unlikely to me - Namor's not much of a character, honestly, and while Universal has no dog in the superhero race, is this their dog? It's honestly hard to imagine. 

What seems most likely to me is something like Hot Wheels, especially when you look at the release date, which is early November. This feels like a family slot to me, and Hot Wheels - especially if it has a fantasy element/isn't just a straight racing movie - could fit. Will Smith's Brilliance could also fit in here, since Legendary has those rights - although I dont know why they would't just simply say that was the movie. Evan wrote about Briliance earlier this week. 

If I could vote I'd vote for Mass Effect. But I don't get to vote, and this is probably going to be much less interesting than all the speculation indicates.

Meanwhile, America waits to discover the fate of Seventh Son.