STAR WARS VII Starts Shooting While Original Trilogy Rumors Swirl

Are unadulterated Blus coming?

Star Wars Episode VII has officially begun filming in Abu Dhabi, as per a tweet from Bad Robot. They showed a picture of one of the day's slates, and everybody online got pretty excited about it. I envy their ability to be excited, but I don't envy their eventual brush with reality. 

Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool reports that Disney is gearing up to release Blu-rays of the Original Trilogy in their original forms - ie, no added scenes, no new FX. This feels like a no-brainer, as it's just money waiting to enter Disney's bank account. Everybody will buy these. But there are two problems with this report:

1) The report says that Disney is putting out A New Hope, and since Fox owns distribution rights for that movie this is unlikely - unless Disney plunked down a lot of money to buy them back. Which we would have heard about. Now, Fox will certainly play ball should Disney want to release a big box set, because money, but the wording of this rumor makes me suspicious.

2) The report also has this hugely hard to believe section:

Going forward and looking at the much bigger picture, there are more dubious rumors to consider, like Disney potentially phasing out the prequel trilogy by lumping them in with the “Legends” non-canon fodder. This has apparently been the subject of gossip near Disney, though it’s very possibly just that – gossip amongst the worker bees. Anyway, it would allow for a reboot of sorts, with new prequel movies featuring Yoda, Darth Vader, etc.

There is literally no way this is happening. For one, Lucasfilm just reiterated the six films to date as canon. For another, while all thinking people know the Prequels suck there's a whole generation who came up on them and who love them more than the Original Trilogy. Hell, The Clone Wars are more popular with those kids than A New Hope. It could not make less sense to retcon out the Prequels. 

I truly believe that we will see the Original Trilogy, unadulterated, in stores by the time Episode VII is released. The rest of that stuff... no way.