Godzilla Will Raid Again

A big opening weekend means the return of the Big G.

Godzilla had an enormous opening day - the biggest of the year - and then a big weekend, a close second to the big opening weekend of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It made a lot of money. So much money that Legendary and Warner Bros have made it official: there will be a Godzilla 2

What will that movie look like? Hopefully it doesn't bring back Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, who I didn't hate but who aren't needed for future adventures. Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins must come back, and I'd like more David Straitharn. 

But who cares about the humans? People complaining about the humans in Godzilla have clearly never seen any of the original Japanese films, just about none of which have memorable human characters. What matters is the kaiju - who will Godzilla fight next time? Legendary has to license each Toho monster individually, but considering the fact that the Toho people were reported to be over the moon about the film at the premiere, I expect deals to be made. I think Mothra's a fairly safe bet, as she's one of the better known kaiju.

Me? I want to see Ghidorah. He's sort of Godzilla's Joker, so that makes the next one Godzilla's The Dark Knight.

Evan and I actually riffed on Godzilla sequel ideas on the new episode of the podcast, which should be up shortly. Listen!