HELLION Looks Like A Helliuva Good Time

Not really. It actually looks like a helliuva bummer.

Hey man, if your movie has dirt bikes, kids pointing guns at things, big beards, and Juliette Lewis, I almost consider it theft because there's no way I can resist giving it my money. I assume that's true of most Americans.

The trailer for this movie, Hellion, which I believe is a prequel to Nicolas Cage's incredible film, Joe, has all of these things. Kids ride dirt bikes, kids point guns, Aaron Paul plays a beard, and Juliette Lewis shows up. I expect this to make more money than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but not more than Godzilla. Giant monsters still triumph in this county.

Will this movie be good? I don't know. I liked Joe a lot, so a prequel certainly interests me. But with prequels come a lot of fan service I have no interest in. We'll just have to see how it goes. We'll get the opportunity when the film hits VOD on June 13. Hopefully Crispin Glover doesn't sue.