Steve Carrell Goes For Oscar In This FOXCATCHER Teaser

The big breakout at this year's Cannes - will it be a breakout at the Oscars?

Steve Carrell is serious! And kind of mumbly! And he looks old! That means he's going for an Oscar in Foxcatcher, the new film from Bennett Miller (MoneyballCapote). It debuted at Cannes to ecstatic responses and is already being hailed as an Academy Awards frontrunner. That means the film should get some old-fashioned backlash when released, before being accepted by the Academy. 

The trailer is intriguing, although everybody in it is so assiduously in 'serious movie' mode that it borders on parody. Everybody uglied themselves up; even Channing Tatum is jutting out his jaw in an unattractive way. The poster sort of makes Carrell looks like old Dustin Hoffman. As for the rest of the teaser: I suspect the editing on this trailer isn't really doing it any justice. I'm withholding any real thoughts until I see more/the movie.