Watch The Pilot Episode For AMC’s HALT AND CATCH FIRE Online Right Now

It's about software development, so you know it'll be exciting.

I'm not really aware of AMC's current status when it comes to cable television royalty. They had Breaking Bad, but it's over. A new Breaking Bad thing is in its future, but it probably won't be nearly as good. Meanwhile, they have Mad Men. But it's about to end. The Walking Dead, of course, will never die, but if that's the only feather in its cap, than it definitely doesn't have one of those big-ass Native American headpieces you see in old photos. That sounds more like those itty-bitty headpieces worn by Native American babies in cartoons.

It seems like AMC probably wants to come up with another big show that everyone can watch and then discuss at work the next day. Maybe even by a water cooler. Perhaps Halt and Catch Fire will be that show. It certainly has a catchy title. That we went this long without a show called Halt and Catch Fire astounds me.

The series takes place in the early '80s during the big PC revolution I didn't know about. It stars Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Kerry Bishé, and Mackenzie Davis. The show will premiere on June 1 at 10pm, but you can watch the first episode right now. Go here to check it out. (Fair warning: I had a relatively difficult time getting the video to work. This whole post is just a huge tease!)

If you do decide to give this a shot, make sure you do so before May 31 as this free streaming offer will then disappear, never to return. And you'll be stuck hating yourself for having to watch on TV what you could have watched while pooping.