Jackie Chan To Team Up WIth Renny Harlin For SKIPTRACE

The best way to walk combined with the best way to steal art.

Not only is Jackie Chan not done kicking ass onscreen, it looks like Renny Harlin is equally not done making action movies. It was touch and go there for a bit, and his Hercules film definitely didn't speak highly for his continuing adventures in filmmaking, but he's still in there.

Harlin and Chan are teaming up to make a film called Skiptracer. I don't know what a Skiptracer is, but it sounds cool. The fact that it's a buddy comedy featuring Seann William Scott also bodes well. Not that all buddy comedies featuring Seann Williams Scott are automatic slam dunks. Most of them aren't. He just generates eternal optimism thanks to The Rundown alone.

Skiptrace is expected to start shooting in August. The project has an interesting history. It started with a script written by Jay Longino from one of Chan's crazy action movie ideas. Then several writers took a shot at it. The latest iteration was written by BAD pal BenDavid Grabinski. Meanwhile, Harlin wasn't the project's initial director - he replaced Paranorman director Sam Fell. Moviemaking is crazy!