Juliette Lewis Joins JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS

She's been hired to mo-cap and voice a guitar. A bass guitar.

Things are moving fast when it comes to the live action Jem and the Holograms movie. They started filming seemingly minutes after its announcement. And they'll probably be done filming a few minutes after this article goes live. Casting is just going to have to happen as it happens.

And yesterday some casting happened. According to Deadline, Juliette Lewis has joined production. No one knows who she's playing, but my vote is up there in the article subtitle. I don't believe any of The Misfits have been cast yet, so maybe she's playing Pizzazz. That would be appropriate since, kind of like Juliette Lewis, Pizzazz was an actual rock star who knew how to play an instrument.

I kind of love Jem and the Holograms, but this is the first bit of news about the live action version that has interested me at all. I'm just not confident they'll be able to retain the cartoon's veracity when it comes to the music business and/or supercomputers.