KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE Trailer: Do Not Fuck With The Firth

James Bond's nerdy cousin is here to explode things.

Admit it. You always wanted to see Colin Firth kick some ass. Not that he's only played wimps, but he's definitely made politeness part of his deal.

Not anymore! Kingsman: The Secret Service, the new film from Matthew Vaughn, is going to supply us with a ton of Colin Firth ass-kicking moments. One assumes. It actually looks like he'll be doing a lot more ass-mentoring than ass-kicking, but you can easily see from this trailer how good action looks on him. I never would have guessed. I mean, I would have guessed, but I would have guessed that my guess would have been wrong.

More than anything, I like movies with bad titles and movies where Samuel L. Jackson has speech impediments. This movie combines those two elements, so I must see it no matter what. Kingsman: The Secret Service. comes out October 24, 2014.