BAD GRANDPA .5 Is On The Way And Has A Trailer

Now finally co-starring Spike Jonze and Catherine Keener!

Bad Grandpa is a special film. Sometimes I worry that it didn't get its proper due. Other times I see people still talking about it and think maybe it got exactly the right amount of due. With movies like this, it's a little difficult to properly assess the correct allotment of due.

If you haven't seen the film yet, I highly recommend you check it out. Rather than just make a prank movie like Jackass, Knoxville and his crew somehow managed to instead make a somewhat typical narrative feature that just happens to utilize unknowing everyday people as its cast. It definitely goes into prank digressions, but it's more focused on story than you'd think.

It also seemed to have a lot cut out of it, particularly when it came to Spike Jonze and Catherine Keener's characters. My memory's not great, but in the theatrical cut we maybe see Keener for a moment in the funeral scene, and I don't believe we see Jonze at all. But they both show up in the ending credits.

Now it looks like this issue will be remedied with the upcoming release of Bad Grandpa .5. And judging from this trailer, there will be a bunch of other fun stuff too. I'm super excited to see it, but since I haven't yet, I recommend you watch the theatrical Bad Grandpa first because I can vouch for that one.

Either way, we'll get our chance to see this new version when it hits VOD on June 3 and Blu-ray/DVD on July 8.