JJ Abrams Shows Off STAR WARS Set And Cool STAR WARS Alien

This is sort of hard to hate.

I'm about as unenthusiastic about Star Wars as one can get. Even the best of the franchise doesn't do all that much for me. And yet I watch this video of JJ Abrams pitching a UNICEF fundraising campaign where two contributors will win a chance to play small parts in the film (bad news: both roles are droids), and I can't help but get a little excited.

As far as I can tell, we have a little Tatooine action going on in the background here. That's actually not all that mind blowing if only because I'm sick of Tatooine somehow being the second center of this galaxy. Maybe it's just a different desert planet. That's what I would do if I were writing this. But it's a good thing I'm not writing this because in my script the new desert planet would be called Fatooine.

Anyway, while the set isn't all that exciting, the cute little alien that checks out Abrams' ass does give me a kind of thrill. There's been a lot of talk about reclaiming the look and feel of Star Wars, and this practical alien guy gives me some hope that Abrams can really pull it off. He looks awesome! And adorable! Could it be true? Or is this just an illustration of how hard it is to break from an abusive relationship?