See The Trailer for LIFE OF CRIME, Based On Elmore Leonard’s THE SWITCH

Jennifer Aniston is making a movie I want to see, you guys! This is refreshing.

I really like Jennifer Aniston, even though she rarely makes movies I have any interest in seeing. I am a worshipful fan of the great Elmore Leonard and of the many films inspired by his incredible body of work. So I feel good things about the fact that Aniston - along with actors who often make movies I want to see, like Will Forte, John Hawkes, Tim Robbins and Isla Fisher - will star in Daniel Schechter's adaptation of Leonard's The Switch, here titled Life of Crime.

The Switch is actually the prequel to Leonard's Rum Punch (adapted by Tarantino as Jackie Brown, which I wrote about here), with small-time crooks Ordell Robbie (here played by Mos Def, Samuel L. Jackson in Jackie Brown) and Louis Gara (Hawkes, taking over the role De Niro played in Brown) kidnapping a wealthy wife (Aniston) whose husband (Robbins) doesn't want to pay the ransom to get her back, because he's happily ensconced in an affair (with Fisher). It's a fun entry in Leonard's canon, and Life of Crime looks like an energetic adaptation. 

What do you guys think - not bad, right? I mean, it'll be no Jackie Brown, but it's simply not fair to compare movies to Jackie Brown.