Netflix is in talks to make a TV show out of the classic comedy. 

Wet Hot American Summer is one of the high points in modern comedy, and it's become rightfully enshrined as a complete classic (despite being largely ignored upon release. I'll never forget seeing it opening night in an almost totally empty theater). Over the years, as the movie's popularity has increased, David Wain and Michael Showalter have talked about getting the cast back together for a sequel. That time may be now. 

Variety is reporting that Netflix is in talks to make Wet Hot American Summer into a TV series, and the plan is to bring as much of the original cast back as possible. Yes, even though they're all old. In fact, one idea David Wain had tossed around was making the sequel a prequel, and having all the actors be crazy older. 

The format could be similar to Arrested Development season 4, which means not every character is in every episode, which means it'll be easier to wrangle the actors for the few days each would be needed. 

David Wain has been working on the script for years, so hopefully the script (which might need to be adjusted significantly for TV) is solid. I couldn't be more excited about this. I'm ready to go back to Camp Firewood!