Fantastic Fest Short CRUSH THE SKULL Is Being Made Into A Feature!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for the "comedy hidden inside of a horror film."

Filmmakers Viet Nguyen, Christopher Dinh and Katie Savoy brought the short film Crush the Skull to Fantastic Fest 2012, and audiences really dug it. They're now raising the funds to create a feature out of Crush the Skull combined with another short film they made, Things You Don't Joke About

In CRUSH THE SKULL, the short film, you’ll recognize the classic setup: a young couple breaks down in the middle of nowhere and a mysterious -- and creepy -- stranger shows up and offers help. But these aren’t the naive, caricatures in every horror flick. This couple has seen slasher movies. They know better. Trusting this scary man is a classic no-no -- like running upstairs deeper into the house instead of out the front door. They must do what others never dared to do: they have to kill him first. It plays real (what you might really do in this situation), it’s scary, and it’s oftentimes funny.

That was our take on the side-of-the-road slasher flick. Our feature version of CRUSH THE SKULL is our take on the cabin-in-the-woods serial killer movie.

They've created a Kickstarter campaign for the feature, and it has a ton of really great, specific perks: digital and physical copies of the film, ninja sketches, outgoing voicemail messages by talent, autographed posters and more. Check out the video for their campaign below, and watch the shorts that inspired the feature above. I think you'll be into them, and if you are, consider donating to the Kickstarter! We love to support our Fantastic Fest alums around here, and this is a worthy cause.

Donate here.