Badass Exclusive: Ken Taylor’s CATWOMAN Poster For Mondo’s THE ART OF KEN TAYLOR Showcase

Australian artist Ken Taylor makes a triumphant return to the Mondo Gallery this Friday. We've got the preview images to prove it.

The last time Australian artist Ken Taylor turned up for a show at the Mondo Gallery, it was for a two-man showcase with the legendary Tyler Stout. This Friday, Taylor returns to Austin for his first solo showcase with Mondo, The Art of Ken Taylor. Preview images indicate that this one's going to be a feast for the eyeballs (and, as is usually the case with Mondo Gallery shows, an all-out assault on wallets).

Check these out, exclusively on Badass Digest:

Catwoman by Ken Taylor

24x36" Regular Edition of 275

24x36" Variant Edition of 125

Taylor, who's produced some of Mondo's all-time greatest screenprints, had this to say about his latest Mondo Gallery showcase: "Flying halfway across the world to exhibit my work for this amazing collector niche still blows my mind every day. This is the culmination of many months of hard work and stress (but more importantly, fun), and I can't wait to show it all."

This probably explains why Taylor's work has been so conspicuously absent from Mondo's regular drop schedule over the past six months (he dropped a Where The Wild Things Are in January and turned in an excellent Alice in Wonderland for Mondo's Disney-themed showcase in March). Fair trade, far as I'm concerned: if we had to spend a few months in the throes of a serious Taylor jones in exchange for one, big concentrated dose of the guy's work on Friday, it'll be worth the wait.

Another reason to get excited? This statement from the show's press release: "The show will include prints for films that Mondo has never previously tackled before." Very intriguing, indeed. Two of those previously-untackled-by-Mondo films - Little Shop of Horrors and Children of Men - were revealed last month. Here's preview images of those, just in case you hadn't already seen them:

Little Shop of Horrors by Ken Taylor

24x36" Regular Edition of 350

Variant Edition of 175

Children of Men by Ken Taylor

21.5x36" Regular Edition of 375

Variant Edition of 200

Exciting stuff (that Little Shop of Horrors is just about perfect). I'll be at the show this Friday, so count on a full report sometime over the weekend. If it's anywhere as good as Mondo's last showcase, your eyeballs are in for a treat.