Movie Villain Death Match Round Four: The Legion of Doom

HAL 9000 takes on Agent Smith. 

Welcome to Round 4 of the Legion of Doom in our Movie Villain Death Match. Vote your hearts, people. 

You can still vote on Monday's Sinister Sixteen match and yesterday's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels match!

This poll closes Saturday night at 11:59 CT. 


In Round Three, HAL blinked out superfan Annie Wilkes from Misery, beating her with 71.03%  (927 votes) over Annie's 28.97%  (378 votes). 

Agent Smith, THE MATRIX

Last week, Agent Smith took over Magneto in a VERY close match, with 50.98%  (674 votes) to Magneto's 49.02%  (648 votes). Super computer vs. Super computer! 

Which computer is the most super? 


Take a look at our Interactive Bracket PDFs, courtesy of the great Mandy Curtis:

Movie Villain Death Match Interactive PDF:

The Legion of Doom Interactive PDF: 

Meet us back here the same time tomorrow for Round 4 of the Somethings Wicked This Way Come. You'll be voting on: 

The Joker
Hans Gruber